About us


Wild Forager is the creation of two sisters who's backgrounds are in floristry and homewares buying respectively. Together, we’re all-round nature enthusiasts with a passion for hunting out pieces that offer connection. We celebrate the relationship between indoors and out, the coexistence of beauty and imperfection, and the intertwining of the natural world with the things in our homes. It’s our aim to share our discoveries with you, and bring you everything you need to give life to your own sanctuary.



Based in Freshwater, NSW, Wild Forager is a dynamic space that shows you how to live with nature. Our blooms and plants are sourced from local growers wherever possible and our edited collection of old and new pieces for the home and for you are sourced from artisans near and far. The range reflects our travels and captures stories we have collected. We share our finds across furniture, décor, eco-friendly wellness products, jewellery, treasured objects, vintage pots & plant vessels and much more. Just like us, our selection is always growing. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every piece in the shop has character, so that every visit can be a magical experience.



We want to be kind to the earth. That’s why we value brands that share our respect for the planet. We believe that with a little more love and care, we could change the world. For us, that might mean stocking intelligent products made from renewable materials, reducing emissions by picking our flowers from nearby growers, or simply cutting plastic bags out of the picture. Whether it’s big or small, at Wild Forager we make an effort to reduce the environmental impact we have on the earth.