The Ritual Hamper

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The Ritual Hamper

Ayu Sandalwood Incense

A sacred scent said to fragrance the heavens, Sandalwood offers to calm and clarify the mind, soothe stress and uplift the mood.
Each box contains 20 naturally scented incense sticks to fragrance the air.
Fair trade, hand crafted in India using sustainable and naturally infused ingredients.
Citrine Smudge Stick
Created by using lovely earthy colours and orange it matches perfectly with our citrine crystal which is believed to have energies that may help with your studies, workplace or as a financial guide to help you gain your goals. 100% natural made by hand made in Torquay from locally grown ingredients.
This Is Incense Noosa
Delicate and woody incense with a hint of sweetness, this scent will take you to the beachside at Noosa beach.
Lemon oil, Sweet Orange oil, Lime oil, Mandarin oil, Patchouli oil and Cypress oil
The Clay Society Shell Incense Holder 
Handmade by The Clay Society in Sunshine Coast Queensland. 
Milk Chocolate + Peanut Brittle Bark 100g
New Farm Confectionery's beautiful barks are in essence, slabs of creamy Belgian chocolate finished with an array of different toppings. Our longtime favourite Milk Peanut Brittle Bark is made on couverture milk chocolate and studded with our handcrafted here in house addictive Peanut Brittle.
Note: If you would like to select a different fragrance, please leave a note in the 'Cart' section or call the store, and we will do our very best to accommodate.

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