Saarde Room Spray



Refresh your room and your senses with a spritz of Saarde Room Sprays.

  • Made in Australia
  • Cruelty-free & vegan
  • Cosmetic-grade fragrance
  • Long lasting

L | 4.5cm/1.7"  H | 11.5cm/4.5"

Pazari - Notes: Cucumber, Sage, and Chamomile - Ingredients: Alcohol, Aqua (distilled water), Cucumber, Sage, and Chamomile Fragrance (parfum)

Anatolia - Notes: Fig Leaf, Bergamont, Rosewood - Ingredients: Alcohol, Aqua (distilled water), Fig Leaf, Bergamont and Rosewood Fragrance (parfum)

Kas - Notes: Olive Leaf and Thyme - Ingredients: Alcohol, Aqua (distilled water), Fragrance (perfume) of olive leaf, thyme, bergamot, sandalwood and rose.

Tangier - Notes: Neroli, White Jasmin, Nutmeg and Tuberose - Ingredients: Alcohol, Aqua (distilled water), Neroli, White Jasmin, Nutmeg and Tuberose Fragrance (parfum)

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