Maison Balzac Le Soir Essential Oil

Maison Balzac

Six years ago when Maison Balzac was launched, they developed two essential oil blends (Le Matin and Le Soir) with a French nose. These have been their ideal signature scents for all these years so it was time to bring them to life!

Le Soir translates into The Evening.

As the day finishes, it is crucial to unwind and calms the senses to ease into the night. The oil of Tangerine purifies and calms the mind, it relieves stress.
Cedarwood oil has a soothing effect and induces restorative sleep. Myrrh oil has been used for thousands of years for fragrance and embalming. It helps to remain calm and balanced.

These two blends can accompany one’s day from morning to evening, using the benefits of the oils to help the body and the mind.

25ml, amber bottle. pure oils of tangerine, cedarwood, frankincense, géranium and myrrh. blended in australia.

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