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Turn your pantry into a storehouse of beauty fuel -- and you'll begin to radiate health from the inside out.

Discover the unadulterated, exquisite flavors and healing magic of whole foods. With a passion for kitchen alchemy using ingredients that will make you positively glow, chef and nutritionist Malfalda Pinto Leite will show you how you have everything you need to be beautiful right here, right now.

Radiant is about falling in love with pure, good food and receiving the dynamic life-force energy these superfoods naturally provide. With the healing energy of raw vegetables, fruits, petals, herbs, roots, nuts, and seaweeds, you can age gracefully, ease stress, sleep better, and even feel more confident and creative. As you follow Mafalda's joyful "inside out" approach, you'll experience bountiful energy, acute brain power, luminous skin, elevated mood, and restored digestion. These restorative recipes are your guide to choosing foods that have the power to change your life. 

About the Author

Based in Portugal, Mafalda Leite has been researching, cooking, writing, and teaching about food, organic beauty, and health for the last fifteen years. Mafalda attended school for health-focused culinary education at The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC (expertise in the areas of Food Therapy, Culinary Nutrition, Sustainable Farming, Raw and Living Foods, Food Entrepreneurship and Writing for Food Media). 

In 2000, she graduated as a Certified Culinary Chef and Nutritional Practitioner. An avid plant-based chef, she has spent the last fifteen years creating delectable recipes from foods in her kitchen and herbs from her garden. She has published 7 best-selling cookbooks in Europe, has a popular cooking show, and is a Certified Health Coach in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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